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Are you the one that friends and co-
workers come to when their computer crashes?
Do you wish you really knew what you were doing?
Ever wonder what actually goes on inside that box under your desk?


The future of computing is in The Cloud.
The Cloud depends on a flexible, robust, well-built and maintained network of servers and terminals.
And that, of course, depends on clever and creative technicians.
Plus, how else you gonna get YouTube?

Web Design

Of course, once you get to The Cloud, there needs to be something there.
Even if you never build a web site yourself, you'll be working with people who do.
It'll be good to know what they're talking about.

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PC Maintenance & Repair

This course helps students to become a successful PC Technician. It concentrates on understanding terminology, how to do fundamental tasks, and advanced configuration and troubleshooting, including using command line to accomplish technical tasks.
This course contains lab content that includes technical concepts and terminology of the PC's internal and external components and operating systems.
Upon successful completion, the student can apply the acquired knowledge towards completing the A+ Certification for IT Technician accreditation from the Computing Technology Industry Association (


This course introduces the fundamentals of network technologies.
Students are exposed to and learn basic network terminology in order to prepare for further courses in networking. Classes cover all the fundamental information behind LANs, WANs and their technologies, including an overview of network devices, the OSI and TCP models of networking and the different topologies used in networking. The Lab classes introduce students to the hands on techniques to install, configure and troubleshoot a physical network environment.
Use of the program WireShark in the lab will allow for the examination of broadcast/unicast/multicast traffic, frame and packet structure (relate to OSI and TCP/IP model), three-way handshake, syn-ack, TCP and UDP data flows and sniffing an unencrypted conversation and/or authentication attempts. Upon successful completion, the student can apply the acquired knowledge towards completing the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician accreditation from Cisco Systems (

Introduction to Web Design

In Introduction to Web Design, students will learn the basics of how to design websites with a professional appearance. Students will also learn how to keep them current with effective content management techniques.
Some of the topics covered will include: web access and browsing, as well as web page development in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) as well as the essentials of styling with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and web site deployment and maintenance. Students will integrate all of the above skills by completing a web development project.

my life as a nerd


age of the geek, baby

Stephen D Fowler

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A Short Bio

The fisrt computer I ever worked with was a TRS-80 back in highschool.
You remember — the blinking blue cursor, 16kb of RAM and cassette tape drive running BASIC that would crash every time you hit the enter key. Good Times!

By the end of the'80s I had worked my way through the Kaypro IV (a very early 'portable' computer with a green cursor and a 10meg hard drive) all the way up to an IBM PC with an Intel 8088 processor running Windows 3.0.

I made the switch to Apple in 2008 and now work on a MacBook Pro and an iMac, both running Mountain Lion.

Of course, through all of this, I became that guy — the one you come to when you get that blue screen of death half an hour before deadline.

And now I've decided it's time to pass on all that knowledge and experience.
You're welcome.


Throughout much of my computer career, I've been mostly self-taught.
Primarily because working on computers is not what I wanted to do.
(I'm actually an actor.)
In 2004, I broke down and took the Cisco Systems Networking Academy Computer Information Systems Information Technology Essentials I course at Selkirk College.
In 2012, I received my certification as an Associate Web Technologist (with Distinction) from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
I also have more than 14 years experience teaching small groups and one-on-one.


* some of them anyway


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